Slumber Party Envy

February 16, 2014

Tonight I wished I was an eleven year old boy. 

This weekend we are hosting a sleep-over celebration for Noah and his buddies. So far it has been a success. With a nod to the Sochi Olympics, we organized our own series of timed events involving a huge number of straws, q-tips, m&ms, plastic cups, candy boogers, and laughter. And during dinner, I couldn't keep from grinning in the kitchen as I listened to the boys break into detailed book discussions about The Hobbit and Divergent. It was every geeky mama's wish for an enjoyable evening with a house full of boys who are on the cusp of middle school, but still so sweet, so funny, and still so into Legos. 

But in addition to enjoying the wild and raucous evening, it also stirred up some unpleasant memories and made me wish I could travel back in time to re-do the traumatic slumber parties of the 1980s.  The ones where scary movies twisted me up inside. The ones where all of the other girls had Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bags while I had my homemade rainbow quilt which lacked the sophistication and polyester I yearned for so dearly. The ones where Bloody Mary, Ouija Boards, and Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board freaked me out. And the ones where I always fall asleep first which resulted in being "slumbered"...waking up with toothpaste and shaving cream caked on my face, marker drawings on my legs, and the embarrassing bloody nose (why did I get so many bloody noses as a kid?). I hated slumber parties.

Makes me happy and a wee bit jealous to see my boy enjoying slumber parties so much more than I ever did.
likeschocolate said...

Sounds like the boys had fun! You are a brave mama! I don't do slumber parties for the reasons why you wished you could do them over! We do what is called a late stay which is everyone goes home by 11 p.m. and then that way everyone has fun, but no one is cranky the next day. Happy Birthday to Noah!

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