The Mansion on O Street

February 28, 2013

Like Alice in Wonderland, I fell into a different world today. A multi-layered, sensory overloaded, topsy-turvy, delight of a place: The Mansion on O Street. I almost hate to share any details because it really is a place that needs to be experienced first hand, but here are a few highlights that might entice you to visit one of DC's most unique offerings. There are 32 hidden doors and passage-ways. Rosa Parks used to stay at the Mansion during her visits to the city. There is a John Lennon suite (be sure to read the note about dirty laundry in the bathroom). We did the treasure hunt, but I am now itching to return for one of the concerts

The Mansion on O Street
2020 O St. NW, 

Washington, DC, 20036

***The Mansion belongs in the very good company of The 24 Hour Church of Elvis in Portland and the UCM Museum/Abita Mystery House in Louisiana. Three very special places that make me happy to live in this crazy little world of ours.

likeschocolate said...

This might be on my list of to sees the next time I come to D.C. Looks like a crazy fun place.

Melissa said...

Wow. Looks like a great place to visit. Now I'm sorry I don't live in/ near DC.

Marianne said...

Loved my time in DC but didn't know about THIS place - will have to visit when I go back.

Sonja said...

How strange that I've never heard of this place. Maybe next time we're in D.C.!

Karen said...

Too funny! Glad you had a good time.. To be honest, I actually hated it! But... to each his own, right? Let's get together soon. BTW, Chris comes home in 3 weeks for a break! yay!!

Heather said...

Must add this to my places to see list when we finally make it back to Maryland for a visit!

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