Sicilian Truck Fantasy

July 2, 2012

Stromboli, Sicily 2012

We are down to our final days in Sicily. I find myself snatching items off of grocery shelves to stick into final packages home. I can't seem to stop myself from making lists of things to do one last time, friends to see one more time, and even tastes I want to savor one last time.  I  am also having to resign myself to the fact that there are still quite a number of things that we never got around to experiencing and we will just have to save for return trips in the future including my little Sicilian truck dream.

Cefalu, Sicily 2012

Ever since I heard the first signature buzz of the three wheeled trucks appropriately named "Ape" (Italian for bee), I was swept off my feet. Yes, that's right. Completely wooed, charmed, and captivated by these tiny little vehicles. I have countless photos of them....old ones with decorative paintings and fancy iron embellishments,  simple ones filled with produce and saintly images, plain practical ones. I love them all. 

Palermo, Sicily 2010

The fantasy started to take shape when I found out that we would be moving to the DC area. I started thinking wouldn't it be fun to bring an Ape truck back with us?  Now that may not seem like the most logical or practical item to bring with one on a move to a large city, but stick with me. Here's what I imagined happening...once or twice a week, I'd load up my little Ape with buckets full of freshly cut zinnias and sunflowers, pots of fresh herbs, bundles of photo cards and I'd putter down to the nearest farmers market to share some of my favorite bits and pieces of Sicily. Perhaps not the best use of my Master's Degree and perhaps not the easiest method for selling items at a farmer's market. But admit it, wouldn't you smile if you saw a little Sicilian Ape truck bursting with flowers in the middle of Washington, DC? 
joyce matula welch said...

Seeing an ape truck loaded thus would indeed be a sight to see in DC. :)

Martha said...

And if I still lived in that area I would drive over just to see it. Owning an Ape is still on my list but I will have one!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Martha, I'll have to live vicariously through you :) I really do love those Apes.

Dawn Suzette said...

This made me smile. So great.
I remember as a girl lovin' those little three wheeled trucks in Okinawa. What is it about those!
I would LOVE to see your dream come true!

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