Family Portraits

April 29, 2012

 Made by Noah, July 2011

 Our colorful, little family of four as captured by Noah at age eight.
I have been meaning to post these for a quite while. Last year for Adam's birthday, I commissioned these family portraits from Noah. He took his task very seriously. Having each of us "sit" for him while he sketched our faces in black crayon and later added the watercolor paint for some dramatic and playful additions. I love, love, love them. They currently have a proud spot in our dining room and they never fail to make me smile. 

One of the good things about moving every three years is that it forces you to pause and take inventory of everything you own. That culling process is a very necessary one for a pack rat like me, but it is also a nice way to confirm appreciation for those things you really value and treasure. These portraits will always have a special spot in our house no matter where we are.  

P.S. These would make great mother's day/father's day gifts.
Tara said...

Positively charming!

Jessica said...

Very cool!

katy said...

These are amazing! Well done, Noah!!

Mom said...

These are fabulous. I love them. I think Noah has a real talent.

Great Scott said...


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