September List

September 2, 2011

This list should really be titled: things that grabbed us this summer.

For Puzzling: Izzi 
For Feeding: Alice Waters and Ruth Reichl
For Laughing: Doc Martin and Louie and Knucklehead
For Watching: Howl's Moving Castle
For Listening : Wailin' Jennys and Radio Lab
For Clowning:  A Family Trade
For Creating: Anthropologie Displays
For Time Traveling: 100 Years of East London Style 
Emily M. said...

As usual, a fabulous list. love the Wailin' Jennys! And anthropologie. Howl's Moving Castle. Ruth Reichl. The article about landing your kids in therapy was awesome. especially loved the bit about talking through everyone's emotions every time there's a conflict.

amazing bagels said...

Fantastic list! I wish we could also do that with my family.

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