New Orleans

August 3, 2011

Here's another highlight from our time in the States: the five days we spent in New Orleans with Nana and Brooke. We did all of the kid friendly tourist things in New Orleans. All of the things I kept meaning to do with my kids on previous trips but just never quite got around to doing: The Aquarium, The Zoo (with that fabulous new water space), The Insectarium, Camelia Grill, Beignets at Cafe DuMonde, plus lots of giggling, and catching up. It really was a great trip and if you haven't taken your kids to New Orleans recently, you should. You really should.
likeschocolate said...

We loved the trolly and the aquarium. It is a great city.

LauraLaiche said...

It wasn't too hot to be walking around? I know in Baton Rouge the heat index has been 117 and I am very much looking forward to fall!

Corinne said...

So fun!! I took Sheely to that zoo when I was in New Orleans for the first time ever. I was so in AWE of how beautiful and southern it was. The moss on those HUGE trees! Also, there was this little band playing music and old folks just got up and started dancing. I really loved that :) The water place looks SO very, very fun.

Dana said...

We did something similar, except after a day we shipped the kiddo out to the country with relatives & had a nice adult-style weekend alone in the city ... such a treat to be able to do that, I assure you :) We took M to the Instectarium, and she was not very interested in most (any?) of it. She wouldn't get near the tasting bar & failed to focus on many of the exhibits. She did enjoy the special effects in the theater. What did your kids think of it?
We just love it there & are pretty sure we are ready for a condo / townhouse in the Garden District. Living in Italy has taught me to love a smaller space and to forgo all the stuff, which is a good thing considering the price of even tiny condos there. This is just a dream of mine, but this last trip may have convinced the Mr.
Good times!

Karla said...

Thanks for the recommendations on where to go with kids in New Orleans. That is one of the places on the "to visit" list while we're living in Pensacola this year----almost done unpacking. Ugh!

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