Taste Hungary: A Budapest Market Tour

April 15, 2011

Pussy Willow for Easter Trees
Sweet Hungarian Wine
Gabor and Friends under a Spotted Rudolph sign
Fresh Spring Greens and Peppers
Chocolate Easter Treats
I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Budapest with two friends. Kid-free in a beautiful city full of great sites, good food, and fun company turns out to be a very nice combination! One of the highlights of trip was the market tour we did with Gabor of Taste Hungary. We met Gabor at the grand Central Market where he presented us with a unique Hungarian treat: Spotted Rudolfs...dark chocolate wrapped around a sweet cheese filling. From there he proceeded to share the history of the market while also convincing us to join the locals in a morning glass of sweet Hungarian wine (other locals were drinking fruit brandy or unicom). We continued our tour by sampling freshly made poppy and cherry streudle and ambled amongst the vendors selling seasonal vegetables, jars of pickled vegetables, paprika, and handpainted eggs just in time for Easter.

But the tour didn't end there. After we had visited all three levels of the Central Market, we hopped on a bus and headed out to a working class neighborhood where farmers displayed their offerings next to local butchers and bakers. No other tourists in sight, much cheaper prices, and a spot we never would have found on our own. We ended our time with Gabor by having lunch at a Hungarian Jewish Restaurant, Kadar. The meal started with a special raspberry drink and beet salad with horseradish sauce. Both were wonderful. I was the brave one in the group who opted to try the sour lung main dish. It was a unique culinary experience, but not something I'd crave on a regular basis. That would be the beef stew I got to sample. And then there was the yummy Emperor's crumb for dessert.  

The whole morning turned out to be a very tasty way to see Budapest and it was especially great to spend time with such a friendly, knowledgeable local like Gabor. In addition to the market tour, Gabor also leads wine tours and we would certainly sign up for them on future trips to Hungary. His wife, Carolyn, is an American who has written two very handy food guides to Budapest. And both Carolyn and Gabor gave us some fantastic restaurant recommendations especially Central Cafe and Momotaro. We ate very well in Budpest!
Sonja said...

They do have some fabulously unique food there, don't they? YUM!

likeschocolate said...

What a great opportunity and a wonderful way to really get to know a city.

Dana said...

Thanks for the tip of Taste Hungary; I've never visited Budapest but hope to soon.

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