October 11, 2010

I really didn't plan to take such a long break from blogging, but I guess I needed it. In addition to adjusting to the start of the school, we spent last week dealing with sicknesses (fevers, pink eye, and allergies) and the related cabin fever. So this past weekend we loaded up the van and went camping and it was just what we all needed. A true escape....escaping the rain that seemed to be hanging over our area of the island all weekend, escaping the four walls of our house that had been full of sick, cranky people all week, escaping work, escaping dishes (we walked to the local restaurant for dinner instead of cooking at the campsite), and escaping any deadlines or busy schedules. I felt like I was able to exhale and breath deeply for the first time in several weeks. We rose with the sun and fell asleep to the sound of the waves. It was so good we stayed another night. 

I'll post more details and pics about where we camped soon, but for tonight I'll leave you with this:  
likeschocolate said...

Glad that you are all feeling better and that you had a good time camping.

Theresa said...

Hi again...glad you are recharged! August was really busy for us!!! The back to school routine is always hectic at first, but we are now in a good routine, thank goodness.

Corinne said...

SO good to recharge - especially outside :)

Good for you, and hopefully sickness will say goodbye to your house :)

Francesca said...

What a nice way to recharge!

LindyLouMac said...

How wonderful to be able to go camping in October. Sorry to hear you have had a grotty time of it with health problems recently.

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