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April 22, 2010

My mom leaves early tomorrow morning. I keep hoping it won't happen. Is it bad to wish that Icelandic volcano would start to act up again? It's hard to believe her month with us is coming to an end. There are still so many things I wanted to show her, pastries to taste, beaches to explore, ruins to climb. I had hoped that we would cram in a bunch of last minute Sicilian adventures during this final week, but after our busy week in Naples we all came home and crashed. And then Camille got sick and we all continued to just hunker down. We read, worked in the garden, read some more, took walks, played cards and before we knew it, she was starting to pack up her things. Really, how did the month fly by so quickly? I can understand Camille's desire to hide away in her suitcase. Part of me wishes I could do that, too.
Camille and my mom, Pompeii, Italy
Nancy said...

I'm always so sad when my parents leave after a visit. We only manage to see them once or twice a year (which might be more than you) so it's always hard for me to say goodbye.

I have such fond memories of seeing Pompeii around age 8. I'm sure it's even more fun to visit now with all the additional excavations.

Alyson and Ford said...

Having to say goodbye is very hard; the visits are never long enough, especially for time with the grandchildren.
Hope you have many sweet memories and you can always Skype!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Anonymous said...

oh I totally understand. My mother arrives in a few days and I am already dreading when she leaves. But you know what - the things she will remember about her visit are probably the hanging out around the house and garden etc. Not the things that were officially 'exciting'
Here's to mothers! (yeah, that's us too) :)

katy said...

tough isn't it. we've commented on the fact that being so far away from family actually allows us to have longer and more intimate visits. the "silver lining" of being away from them.

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