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September 3, 2009

Summer Retreat: a visual farewell to summer.

Pandora: A brilliant concept. We had some initial issues trying to access the site after our move overseas but recently discovered a way to make it work. Love this.

Recycled Houses
: Inspiring, creative, resourceful, and reminds me of my parents' home. Such a contrast to all of the suburban cookie cutter boxes.

Telling Tails
: Tim O'Brien's essay about fatherhood, childhood, telling stories, and making them work.

Lucky Girl
: I was immediatedly drawn to this book because of its connection to Taiwanese adoption, but I quickly realized it was more than just an adoption memoir. This is a story of cultures, coming age, family, identity, and trying to make sense of it all. Captivating, honest, and makes me wish I could have dinner with her. I especially enjoyed the circular nature of her story as she ends with her own early steps into motherhood and moving to South America where she is faced with the challenge of parenting in a third culture. And some additional food for thought in this recent Boston Globe article.

Bang! Bang! You're Dead
: A very interesting read.

Rome with Kids
: Getting ready for our first visit to Rome. Any favorite spots? Recommendations?
Tisra said...

Rome! Call me jealous. The kids and I studied Ancient History last year, and Rome/Romans are still trickling over into our discusions this school year. (this year, it's Fall of Rome- Present Day).

Sounds like so much good stuff going on.

I read the Boston Globe article (haven't gotten to the book, yet) and find it still so interesting even though we aren't adopting from Taiwan anymore. Lots to consider regardless of where your children come from.

Tracie said...

Hello Lucia. I followed your comment from Imagine Childhood and then from my blog. Thanks for the wonderful comments on both! Isn't that recycled house amazing? I found that photo essay so full of art and hope.

Your blog looks like a place I will be visiting again! If for no other reason, I am glad I shared Seeds so our paths would cross. Always nice to find a new voice out here. Enjoy Rome!

Kate G. said...

Rome recommendation: Giolitti (sp?) Gelateria--behind the Parthenon. Use to skip regular food in order to get gelato there for every meal. Try "Baba al Rhum"

likeschocolate said...

I would skip the spanish steps because they are only stunning in May when the flowers are in bloom. The Trevi Fountain is always fun, along with coleseum, and oh what is that stone with the face that you stick your hand in it's mouth. Well it is late and I can't think of the name, but these were all a hit with my children. While we would have like to see the art work at the Vatican the line was around the block and some. It would have been too long of a wate with children. You are going to love Rome! We love it so much we named our son Roman.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture frame ceiling on the house site. Not so sure I'd want to sit in a chair made of cow bones though.

So maybe I can pass my house off as 'eclectic' as opposed to just plain old 'destroyed by kids'.

I agree, I'm not much for the cookie cutter look. I like the touches that make it 'yours'.

Thanks for sharing.


Emily said...

Lucia, I LOVED the Tim O'Brien essay. Thanks for the link!

And the "Bang! Bang!" article I've read before and also found interesting. I always thought we'd have a no violent play rule in our family, but I think that philosophy is going to fall by the wayside along with many other things I was sure of before I became a parent. I still refuse to let them have an actual gun replica. But if Ro makes a gun out of legos? I've been letting stuff like that go. And where in the world did he learn the violent play? Is it hardwired into boys? I don't get it. The only place I can think of that he might have picked up gun play/sword play is at preschool...ANYWAY!

Will be excited to hear about your trip to Rome! We would like to go sometime after the new year, but will have to see how finances work out.

Lost in Sicily said...

Although maybe won't be the highlight of a Rome visit for the parents, but Rome's zoo (bioparco) in Villa Borghese is small enough for a half day visit and also has a very cool playground--a giant wooden noah's ark you can climb up and slide down. Big hit!

The children's museum outside of Piazza del Popolo also makes for a kid friendly activity.

Trajan's market, across the street and up the hill from the Roman Forum is great fun -- lots of little rooms and both indoor and outdoor spaces to explore.

Piazza Navonna is so touristy, but the kids loved the music and crazy vendors.

In addition to gelato, try a grattachecca, you can find a cart selliing Italian ices on the Trastevere side of the bridge that crosses isola Tiberina. There are also boat ride you can take along the Tevere river. We didn't do that, but thought it would have been fun.

Also thought Castello San'Angelo would have been great for the kids.


Francesca said...

I can give you some suggestions for your trip to Rome (I lived in Rome for 4 years). I'll send you an email, when are going?

Weasel said...

We love, love, love Pandora. Glad you got it to work!

Emily said...

I keep forgetting to mention this to you (so I hope you see the late comment), but the Protestant Cemetary was one of our favorite places in Rome. Of course there are the famous graves (Keats among others), but we loved the cemetary for its huge, ancient trees, its walkways and flowers. Also, there's a cat sanctuary connected to the cemetary, so as you walk along the paths you see dozens of cats weaving themselves among the headstones or sunning themselves in the grass. It might sound morbid, but we found it to be a peaceful, pleasant, and somewhat overlooked spot in Rome. I wouldn't put it above the Colosseum or anything, but it's definitely good for a few hours off the beaten path.

Emily said...

I can't believe I spelled cemetery with an 'a' every single time in that comment. Sigh. The Protestant Cemetery. Cemetery. Cimitero protestante. Bear with me, I'll get it!

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