More Prickly Surprises

August 29, 2009

We saw a hedgehog today. Sadly, it was roadkill. I had no idea there were hedgehogs here. Hope we get to see a live one next time. The kids and I have really been enjoying all of the new wildlife. Magpies everywhere. Migrating martins who built a dirt nest on the top of our house. Bats at sunset. Sheep. Lots of sheep. We hear their bells early in the morning and watch them cross the fields (and sometimes hold up traffic on the small roads). Lots of butterflies and bees right now. Lots of stray cats and dogs. And horses. Earlier this week we were taken to a beautiful horse farm down the road. We have been back twice in the past couple of days. More about that later.

As I was writing this post, poor Noah came screaming into the house with his first bee sting. A very unwelcome prickly surprise.
morninglight mama said...

I am so excited to be able to hear your nature-centric observations about a locale that I'm absolutely, 100% unfamiliar with. :) Sorry to hear that bee sting, though- I clearly remember my own first sting, when I stepped on a dead bee in bare feet. Instead of much compassion, I got the "I told you to put shoes on!" :)

Dana said...

I see the sheep and their faithful shepards even up here in the industrialized North -- a bit of a shocker the first time I saw it here.

Good to hear that things are going pretty well, except for the nasty bees! Maddy got one in her EAR Friday!

Best wishes for a good start Monday morning.

katy said...

okay, you're probably going to think I'm making this up, but Bryce just came into the house and said there was a spikey thing in the backyard. Yup, it was a hedgehog. A really big one too. Poor thing was rolled up in a ball after bryce removed the trampoline that it was under.

We have lots of magpies too. They are really awful birds. They eat the eggs of small birds.

There are tons of bees in Lux right now too. Eva and Audrey both got their first stings in June. I just got stung yesterday evening. Right on the finger. Little bugger!

What a great adventure! So much to discover. The fun has just begun for you all!

Corinne said...

ditto to what dawn said :)

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy. No fun getting stung. But lots of neat things to see around there. Enjoy..


likeschocolate said...

Ouch! I am sorry he was stung.

Dawn said...

So fun reading about your new adventures! Hope Noah handled the sting well... Mine have yet to feel the sting!

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